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Denny Hansen
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Backdoor gun contol

I received the following email earlier today. Not taking it at face value, I called Senator Webb's office to vet it. It is legit. Call your representatives to let them know you oppose it.

Senate Democrats are planning to execute a sneak attack on gun rights as soon as TODAY!

Their plan is to sneak Carolyn McCarthy's Magazine Ban into law as an amendment to the Federal Aviation Administration Bill, a routine piece of generally non-controversial legislation.

And they hope YOU won't notice.

That's why you and I need to make our voices heard RIGHT NOW!

We need to let them know we're watching them like a hawk!

Please call Sen. Jim Webb at (202) 224-4024 and Sen. Mark Warner at (202) 224-2023.

Make sure they know about this scheme and that they must oppose Carolyn McCarthy's Magazine Ban every step of the way whether it's attached as an amendment or not.

And make sure they know you're watching.

Thanks for taking action,

Dudley Brown
Executive Director
National Association for Gun Rights
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