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Your Hi Power is a 1980's gun. It has a brushed nickel finish. The gold trigger indicated that. It would have come from the factory with walnut grips that featured a Browning medalion. The absence of those grips reduces the price.
If it is first year of manufacture (1980-81) it is more collectable and would bring $1000. or more (less the discount for the after market grips). If it is not first year, around $700. to maybe $800, is correct. Go to the hi powers and handguns forum with the serial number to find the year of manufacture.
I agree it is a 1980 gun because of the Belgian rollmark but I agree with dogtown tom this is a Nickel finished gun. They are still valued the same in my BB of guns.

The BB of guns states that they came with a gold trigger and wood grips but I have seen a lot of examples of these guns from 1980 and later sporting the pachmayrs. Pachmayrs were very popular on BHPs in the 80s IIRC and many shooters swapped out the wood grips for these. So this might mean these are not the original grips.

This pic shows the wood grips I believe you are referring to: This guns sold for $1050 but came with the manual & leather pouch and original mag which add value.

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