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I love me a good discussion.

Browning went to the cast frame because they were re-engineering a gun that was originally designed for the 9mm not the 40 S&W. True, they needed a stronger harder frame but they went with the cast frame not because it was superior (a harder forged 9mm frame would have actually been stronger) but they went with the cast frame because it took way less machining operations which saved them money both in time of manufacture and it saved them wear and tear on the tooling used to make the necessary machining operations because they were less machining operations on a cast frame than a forged one. The "urban legend myth" is that they went with the cast frame because it was superior.
I stated.
I guess that is why they beefed up the cast frames on the MKIIIs to handle the 40 S&W...
Which was in response to your claims that the BHP is built like a tank. Is it not true that the MKIII cast frame is stronger than the older forged? FN developed the cast frame because the rails of the forged frame hi powers warped under the higher pressures of the 40 S&W round. Are you arguing that is not the case. IIRC it took only 2500 rounds or so for the rails to show signs of warping.

Where did I state that cast was superior to forged? I don't think I did. What I did state is that the cast BHP frame is beefed up=stronger than the forged one. Again this is fact. The forged frame rails warped the MKIII cast ones do not.

It widely known and excepted that MKIII will hand the higher pressure loads associated with +p and even non spec=P+ rounds because of the cast frame. That by no means the forged one is weak or that if you send a +p bullet down the barrel is it going to come apart in your hand but they were not designed to handle those higher pressure loads as a steady diet. The MKIII was. It is a stronger frame.

Now you are right they choose to cast it vs forged it because it was cheaper to do so. An improved forging would have added to the cost of an already expensive pistol so they went with the cast frames.

It is clear that you have an emotional invested attachment ot this piece of metal we call the BHP. That's cool I like them too. Lots of people do but lets not get bent out of shape because someone else does not put the same blinders on when it comes to the reality that is a BHP.
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