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I agree ...but what works in a suburb of Seattle ....or any other big city ....may not work in medium sized cities like Athens, GA ...let alone more rural areas.

Range owners / Range Management is one of the toughest things I could imagine trying to open and run in this day of latigous natures ...and general lack of responsibility I see from "members" or "customers" the way they treat business facilities or recreation areas in general - make it even worse...

A saturday, at a public indoor range, that rents handguns one of the scariest places I can think of to hang out ....and a public shotgun range a pretty close 2nd ...and it seems to be worse in metropolitan areas than in smaller towns .....and I don't know how I would ever be able to deal with the "public" this day and age .../with all their "Tacky Cool guns" ... It would drive me nuts ...
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