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Does your pistol have a gold plated trigger?

About the T series, that is a very special pistol. Of all my handguns, it is my favourite pistol of them all. It has saved my backside a few times and unfortunately has been used in armed confrontations which ended fatally for the bad guys.

It has a great trigger, it points perfectly, looks beautiful and is a part of me like no pistol will ever be.

Brownings were designed and built with pride, both for the manufacturer and for the eventual owner. The firearms world and us enthusiasts will be a poorer and sadder bunch without this pistol, we can all agree on this.

I will say again that you will regret selling this pistol. Please dont let it go because you will spend years looking for another.

I have 3 Belgian High Powers and consider myself very fortunate. Its an honour owning them.

If i remember correctly, in the movie Goodfellas, when they arrest Ray Liotta the cop pushes one against his head as he tries to pull his car from the driveway. It is a similar model you own.

Save up and buy the Glock but hold onto that pistol. By the way, before you decide on the Glock, why not try other pistols as well. Since you only planning on ever owning one gun, why not make sure you not missing out? I suggest you try them when you alone so opinions of other shooters dont sway you in any direction. Buy what works for you, who knows, you might realise what we are trying to tell you and keep the beautiful Miss Universe already living with you!
Every shooter should know what it feels like to hit a Bowling Pin in the sweet spot and see that sucker fly.

Consider a CZ pistol before you decide.
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