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Its just that I have never owned or shot a "T" series gun that was not very accurate and did not have a fantastic trigger pull as well.
I have shot quite a few nice ones myself. Again don't get me wrong I like a nice T series gun but I guess my point is that your experience does not = a universal truth. I have also handled some T series that were gritty and did not have wonderful triggers. I would change it to with a T series you are more likely to get a nicer trigger because of the fit and finish of the guns.

I think that people often claim the BHP is very accurate becuse it fits them. When they "fit" you you tend to shoot them well. I shoot mine better than other guns but that does not make it inherrently more accurate than other guns. It makes them more accurate in my hand. If you have been shooting for 42 years you know that the "fit" of the gun in your hand, which is completely subjective, is a huge part of performance of any gun.

I often ask people when they bring up "accuracy" if they have shot the gun from a mechanical rest. To me that is the only way to determine if the gun is truly accurate.

I always love to talk to another true BHP fan.
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