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Originally Posted by BigJimP
I think the struggles you're having are pretty typical ...especially with some members thinking the rules don't apply to them, etc.

A couple of observations....
You're right on target () with your observations. We have been a small club for 50+ years and added 100 new members in the last year. Our guest policy has always been they are welcome, just use judgment and common sense. (Don't bring 8 guests at time, member must supervise, etc.)

We currently don't require anything but a check every year to remain a member. Grass mowing, range maintenance, board membership, etc. is voluntary, we reimburse expenses and give a free membership to those who help out.

The few problems we have are related to "bullet vandalism" on the ranges, the board just wants to "nip this in the bud" before it becomes a more serious issue.

We don't have overcrowding issues, we have very large campus with generous amounts of shooting stations.

I'm against a membership cap as simply a knee-jerk reaction based on a few easily solvable issues. The membership needs new blood, in my opinion and I'm against shutting folks out who may become productive members of the club.
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