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"T" series are also known for their fantastic accuracy as well. The only 9mm I ever owned (I have been collecting and shooting 9mm guns for over 42 years) that beat the "T" series guns (and not by much) is the fabulous Sig-Neuhausen P210. I also have a target grade WWI DWM 1917 German Luger that shoots some fantastic groups as well but the Neuhausen will probably never be beaten when it comes to "consistently small groups". But alas that gun is not "high capacity" like the High Power is.
Do you shoot those guns off a ransom rest? The 210 is a vastly superior guns interms of accuracy based on its fit, finish and design.

The word "High Power" is not a sales gimmick either. It is a very strong gun. a buddy of mine back many years ago cooked up a 90 grain hollow point load with Hercules Bulls-eye power which I will not even post here or anywhere else that was so hot it swelled up the case heads so much they would not go back into the shell holder. The High Power shot a complete 50 round box of these without so much as a burp. I talked my buddy out of ever doing this again but the point is the High Power truly is a very strong gun. I have seen over the last 40 some years a lot of other brands that cracked their slides or frames ( I will not mention which brands but some would really raise your eyebrows if you knew which ones they were).
I guess that is why they beefed up the cast frames on the MKIIIs to handle the 40 S&W...

BHPs are great guns. They are one of my favorite 9mms. I really love the fact you think you have to give me a history lesson about this gun. I own or have owned almost a dozen of these guns. Everything from a pre-T which is bone stock, MKIIIs, MKII, a nice gun made in 1972 which I used for a base gun for a custom build, own a MKIII custom from Don @ Action works etc....None of that changes my opinion that if you don't like the BHP you should not keep it.
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