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Originally Posted by HoytinAK
They had a problem with people shooting benches and other stuff up so they added a couple cameras and that pretty much solved it as they were able to catch the people and kick them out.
That's probably the next step.

Originally Posted by Wuchak
I could never understand the logic behind the complaint about members who only show up once a year to sight in their hunting rifle. That is what they want out of the club. A place to shoot once a year and that's it. They pay for it and they are subsidizing the cost of the club for those who use it more frequently. Seems like a great deal having someone else pay for a large portion of your recreation costs.
I understand your viewpoint, and agree with it as long as membership isn't limited. I don't agree with keeping a member who shoots once a year at the expense of a new member who wants to contribute to the club in a more positive manner in a limited membership situation.
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