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Harry Callahan
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Your Hi Power is drop dead gorgeous. If it were mine I wouldn't let it get away. I've always been attracted to the shiny guns and this is all that and more. It is an unusual BHP. These don't come around that often. The condition looks very nice too. I'm in the camp that says KEEP IT!!! As you become more knowledgable about guns you'll kick yourself if you don't....GUARANTEED. Also there are some people that say FN(manufacturers of this gun)are phasing them out. The .40 is no longer made and the 9 may become a casualty soon too, from what I've heard.
"Ah ah. I know what you're thinkin'. Did he fire 6 shots or only 5? To tell you the truth in all this excitement I've kind of lost track myself. But with this being a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off... you've got to ask yourself a question. Do I feel lucky? WELL DO YA, PUNK?!!!"- Harry Callahan(Dirty Harry)
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