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In my neck of the woods pre-passive firing pin safety and pre-cast steel guns (the forged ones, pre-1988) sell quickly if in mint condition for right around $1200. I paid $1100 for mine and was darn glad to get it as I had been looking for one for years...

Browning guns have tremendous collector potential and are great investments. I paid only $108.00 for my first "T" series High Power and now it is worth 7 or 8 times what I paid for it. You will never get that kind of return on a glock as they have never been considered precision made weapons. They are working class blasters, much like one would buy a Wal-mart electric hand drill. They are working class guns made for every day use not prestige weapons that get "oohs" and "aahs" at the shooting range. Trust me I have been at this game for many decades, keep the Browning or you will end up hating your self for the rest of your life.
This is simply not the truth. I see stuff like this all the time with Hi Powers, 1911s and other "collectible guns." How long have you owned that Hi power? I am going to guess a good long time. Guns are not good investments. Look at the rate of return and adjust for inflation. You will quickly find that your $108 would have made you more money in a real investment vs that Hi power.

I do not mean to be rude but I cannot stand this kind of advise. Why on earth should someone keep something they do not want? If the OP wants something else he should get it. I think he should get fair value for it but again why keep something he does not want? Should he keep it because a bunch of internet experts tell him he will regret it? Should he keep it because other people like BHPs more than Glocks? If he wants a Glock he should get a Glock.

Looking closer the gun is worth more than $700 I stated originally due to its made in Belgium marking. This ups its blue book value by 50%. I would rate this gun at 95% because it has been shot and has handling marks in the silver chrome. BB of Guns 39th edition puts it value at $550 + 50% = $825. That assumes he has original mags. This gun was made in 1980.

This is not a $1200 gun. Sorry but those who are telling you that are wrong. Yes they are listed on GB for that but you will notice that they never sell at that price.

Looking closer I agree it is a nickeled gun but it does not matter either way. They are valued at about the same. I love people declaring that it is worth $1200 when the OP has never stated if it is original, if it has the mag disconnect is still intact. It will matter to a collector. Does it have its original mags.... so many questions unanswered but the internet experts proclaim it to be a $1200 gun. Without all these things in their proper place this gun will never command top $$$ collector pricing. Sorry that is the truth.

I am glad to see Dogtown has the same attitude here that he does on other boards. :barf: People constantly over estimate what a hi power is worth. These guns are not rare and they are not scarce. This gun has been shot and handled. It is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. It is rare to see one of these sell for over a grand. I am not saying they don't but those who pay that much are paying too much. They are the same people that will tell you a NIB BHP is a $900+ gun when in reality it is a $700 gun. When I see them move at that price I shake my head.

T series guns are also not know for their better trigger. They are known for their fit and finish and are considered some of the best blued BHPs. This is what makes them more collectible not their triggers.
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