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gunbroker caution - MagnumMark

I saw this gunbroker seller's note about having a ton of parts for S&W revolvers and wrote to him asking about hammers for my Model 60 and 637. I paid $62 each plus $7 shipping for two hammers, which is more than a fair price. Even though he cashed my check 8 days after I mailed it, ** 33 days ** later I received two hammers, one of which I believe might work in my Model 60 (it took so long to get here the gun went back to school with my daughter before I could try it) and the other which would not work at all in my 637 (it was for a shrouded hammer pistol like a 642). I promptly sent it back to him for a refund along with a self addressed stamped envelope. He threw a fit by email and refused to refund my money, instead sending back the wrong hammer but only after a lot of complaining about the time it took at the post office, etc. I finally gave up arguing with him as not worth the time and effort.

Advice - don't trust this seller to figure out and send you the right thing for your gun, know exactly what it is (by the pictures) and buy it through a Gunbroker auction so you have recourse if it is defective. And be prepared to wait a while.

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