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I could never understand the logic behind the complaint about members who only show up once a year to sight in their hunting rifle. That is what they want out of the club. A place to shoot once a year and that's it. They pay for it and they are subsidizing the cost of the club for those who use it more frequently. Seems like a great deal having someone else pay for a large portion of your recreation costs.

The once a year member never says, "We need to limit people's use to once a year at the club, because that's how I use it so that's how everyone should use it." Instead there is always a group who makes the club a big part of their social life. People who are really into shooting. They have an insatiable desire to try to push this on those members who don't want any or minimal part of the social aspect and are not regular shooters. They cannot comprehend that for some the club is nothing but a place to go and shoot when the mood strikes but not a place to make the center of their universe.

I have been in a club where I was an active member and shot weekly and hung around the clubhouse with the other members and went to every board meeting. Now all I want is safe, nice, place to go shooting. I have no interest in participating in the running of the club, I think the club leaders are doing a fine job, nor do I have any desire to spend my free time maintaining the facility. I gladly pay dues that allow us to pay for someone to do the maintenance. So for now I pay the same dues as the guy who goes to the club 5x a week. He's using up the plywood backstops but my dues are helping to pay for the labor and materials to replace them. I help pay to keep the grass mowed, the benches that I never us in good repair, the electric, insurance, etc. I don't complain about paying the same about as active member since my less frequent use is my choice. I just wish active members would respect that choice and quit trying to push their choices on me and other less active members.

ETA: To the original question. I agree with those who said they should be going after the bad eggs in your current membership rather than looking for a membership cap to solve the problem. The only reason for the cap would be if the ranges are getting unsafe or backed up due to overcrowding.

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