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To each his own, I guess. I have a handful of guns that are really nice, but not necessarily so rare that they can't be shot. I choose not to shoot them, mainly because I like to admire them in the condition they are in. I will work the actions, take them apart from time to time and simply admire them.

Then, I have guns that I shoot the heck out of. I don't have to shoot every gun I own, nor do I want to. Some guns I acquire just because I like the way they look, their design, or for some other personal reason.

The great thing about nice guns is they don't cost nearly as much as nice cars or nice houses. Shotgun Artwork and very rare guns might cost more than nice cars and nice houses, but for the most part, guns are priced where I can buy one every now and then just for kicks and giggles....not for shooting. I like that.
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