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Originally Posted by kadima
I would suggest to take, as a first step, a survey of the usage of the range by the different members (provided you keep a record). There may be different categories of members or particular sessions for hunters to zero their sights.
Rather than having existing members to second the joining request of new members you may consider to have a probation time when the new member can attend the range only when a "wise old" member can check them.
Unfortunately, we keep no record of range use, save the skeet/trap ranges, where people have to sign for their rounds (so they can be charged for the targets).

Yes, I think we need to reevaluate the new member process.

Originally Posted by Teeroux
Coincidently my club had the same thing last year and 375 was the magic number the range's insurance would go up.
This may be the case with us, as well. I'm not against limiting membership as long as we require members to active, participating members of the club.

Originally Posted by Yankee Doodle
In my club, each member is required to fulfill a "work hour" requirement of 40 hours a year. This is used for maintenance, range officer duties, work at the ranges, etc. Miss your hours, and you're gone.
All ranges, Short range rifle, long range rifle, outdoor pistol, indoor pistol and trap, are lock controlled. Except for the indoor pistol, and trap ranges all you do is enter the combination, and then sign in. When you leave, sign out and lock the gate. Indoor Pistol requires that a certified range officer be present. Needless to say, the trap ranges require a trap crew to be there. This way, we have a running record of who was there, and when. Makes it really easy to follow up if any damage should appear. Any observed safety violations means a trip before the Executive Board for a hearing. This is a no tolerance violation. If found guilty of a safety violation, you're gone.
I'm not sure sign in sheets would work, there usually no one at the range, so there is little incentive to sign in, particularly for those who would cause damage. I'll bring it up at the next meeting.

Originally Posted by SwampYankee
Unfortunately, it only takes one bad apple to poison the whole cart. At one of the nearby clubs, one of the members was bringing all his friends (who were not members) down to the pistol range a couple times a week. He should have known better, apparently he was the guy in charge of the pistol range! Anyway, regular members were being bumped off the range because of the lack of space. It got pretty messy. He was hollered at, resigned his post, may have even left the club. I was told that a whole bunch of new rules were implemented in the wake of this minor scandal. Courtesy and common sense go along way, too bad so many folks don't possess either.
I believe this is our problem, possibly someone getting Daddy's key and bringing his friends, from the looks of things.

Originally Posted by AirForceShooter
Ahhhh. It's the new guys.

Why not figure out which guys are the real problem and kick them out.
Even if they're OLD guys
All members are being asked to keep an extra out out for safety violations, and especially for vandalism.

(By the way, AirForceShooter, stop into Last Call on Manatee Ave in Bradentucky and have a cold with Dee Dee and Trish, my two favorite bartenders. )

Originally Posted by darkgael
I am in charge of an indoor range at a private club in Brooklyn, NYC, NY. We have about 200 members.
We are not a turnkey club. For some one to get a key, they must take a range safety course that is given twice a year. They must take this regardless of other qualifications that they may have. They also must come down to the club and shoot with me or shoot while I am on the range (more than once or twice). I make it a point to know, personally, how some one who wants a key handles a firearm.
I personally would like to see a more stringent new member process, to include holding a member responsible for a year for those s/he sponsors.

Thanks for the ideas, I'm going to bring up some of these at our annual membership meeting this week.
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