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Finally Got'er Done

Here is my finally finished bench with all presses in their proper places.

The left side, showing a Dillon 550B under wraps. A slightly out-of-focus CH "444" is at the right edge of the pic.

Looking slightly right you see the "444", along with a Vega Tools B&M clone powder measure in back, a Quick-Measure in front, and a Hollywood Senior (2nd pattern) at the right.

The middle of the bench. From right to left are a pair of Dunbar "H" presses, and the Senior.

And at the far right, I have a Hollywood Senior Turret (8-stations), a Hollywood Universal Model-B Turret (12-stations), and in back is a Hollywood Universal Model-III Special (12-stations) with three turrets.

I haven't mentioned it before, but old presses never come with a way to catch spent primers. I fixed this by adding a brass fitting to the bottom of the H-Ram on the Model-B, and screwing a 1/2" hose to it that lead to a plastic dog biscuit box. No more spent primers on the floor.
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