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Ok, thanks for all the good advice guys. Here's what I did: I loaded approximately 200 rounds tonight, I adjusted the bullet seating die clockwise about 1/4 turn and then set the bullet seating depth using a round that I knew was 1.125" COL. After I loaded a round i pushed the bullet against the bench using the force applied by my thumb. Since the bullet did not set back I backed the seating die out a little until i found that I could set the bullet back by applying thumb pressure. At that point I turned the seating die clockwise slightly to ensure that it was applying a sufficient crimp to the case, while at the same time not overdoing it. Does this sound about right? Thanks again for all the help fellas. I hope this will help improve the accuracy and consistency of my reloads. I also noticed that when I last shot a batch of my reloads that I was getting a noticeable amount of powder buildup in the barrel. Hopefully by adjusting the crimp this will be minimized as well.
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