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Well they don't come much bigger than me and still able to move. I'm 6'3" and somewhere between 475-500#. When you're this big and don't run across a car scale too often weight gets a little fuzzy. Yep I can move too. I'm a working paramedic and one of my favorite things to do is a catchers crouch while talking to patients. Plus it freaks everyone out when I'm actually able to stand back up.
Anyways I'm a left and use a tuckable IWB at 8:00 ish. It's never seen. The main things are be honest in your clothes.( the following is not directed at the OP nor anyone in particular. But we all know THAT guy) That pair of jeans from 5 years ago that you can barely get hitched are not your size. And be honest you haven't worn an xl shirt since high school. Go get some proper clothes from the big and tall store. Yes you have to actually go in there. It's not as bad as in the past they actually have some stylish stuff. I'm a big fan of the mafioso/ Charlie from 2 1/2 men SS button down.
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