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And I do need to add, that past 600 yards with the .223, the consensus is that yes, push them as hard as you can before you start popping primers and ripping case rims. But I think it's a disservice to somebody who may come along and see what we've written and think "WOW! I have to push my 75/77/80gr bullets to 2900-fps or they won't shoot!" Which is not the truth. I've been told the sweet spot for 75gr Hornadys is 2750, and I shoot Nosler 80s at 2650. (If I were going to a Palma-type match with my Service Rifle, I'd push the throttle on the loads and sacrifice my brass.)

I also have to relate a story I was told at a smallbore match last week. One of the other guys had been shooting a Palma match somewhere (in NY state I think) and one of the shooters using a .223 was blowing bullets up between the 900 and 1000 yard lines by overdriving them.
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