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To BOSS or not to BOSS?

Dear all,

I am about to purchase a Browning BAR Safari .300 Winchester Magnum and am debating whether to get the BOSS, BOSS-CR, or none at all. I would like to have the added accuracy on a non-bolt action rifle, as well be able to switch up to a heavier round should I come across a moose on my elk hunt. From what I can see in other forums, the muzzle brake BOSS reduces recoil noticeably, which is important for overall composure and comfort when pulling the trigger. The criticism is that people whine "Oh, it's so loud! Wah, wah, wah. I can't hear myself talk anymore, so I blog instead." I have to assume that these people do not wear ear protection when firing this weapon system - despite the repeated and obvious warnings against doing so by Browning itself?!? Can anyone who is a responsible gun owner and wears good ear protection before shooting while hunting tell me whether the muzzle brake noise is unbearable or truly jarring? If so, I would get the BOSS-CR and an improved recoil pad. The third option is of course to say, "to hell with fancy (and potentially fragile) accuracy improvements at distances less than 300 yards" and just get the regular barrel. What do you think?
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