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Just my .02$- (.01$ after our Dear Leader gets his cut)

I shot IPSC for about 14 years before my legs decided to give me a problem. anyway I shot with a Kimber,Wolff springs16-20 lb. depending on my load, Chip McCormack 10 round mags, and a Safariland holster. They all worked well for me, I found that I enjoyed L10 more than any of the other divisions. The only advice that I may be able to give you is to practice your safety. Remember there are two types of competitors in USPSA, Those who have been DQ'd from a match, and those who will be DQ'd. Although I was never actualy DQ'd, ther were a couple of times I should have been!!
If I am ever able to compete again, it will be L10.
although I am not what one would consider an athlete, I did enjoy playing a lot of different sports, and nothing in my life,except for maybe Hooking into a Marlin in Blue water, gave me anywhere near the thrill that IPSC did. Like I said, I hope to able to shoot in a match again someday.
Good luck and good shooting!!
Don' keep shooting them until you think they are dead, Keep shooting them until they think they are dead.- Clint Smith

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