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Home Defense Suppressor Recommendations

Hi Everyone,

I am converting a sig p556 into an SBR and i'd like to have it as a home defense option. With that said, I wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations with respect to a .223 suppressor? Since youtube videos don't really tell you anything, I'm hoping that current .223 suppressor owners can give me some input.

I'm looking for the following:
1. minimal sound ( i must be able to shoot it with no protection without going deaf I have heard of suppressors that still require hearing even after using protection. This is assuming i am NOT using subsonic ammunition)

2. Minimal flash from the barrel. ( since this is for home defense purposes, it is highly likely that if needed, I will use the weapon in pitch black conditions)

3. Accuracy- I do not want to sacrifice accuracy at all, since I'm already dealing with a 10 inch barrel.

4. Heat Dissipation- I know some suppressors change as they heat up, which can affect bullet trajectory, etc. Want to avoid this if at all possible.

I'm by no means a suppressor specialist, any input would be greatly appreciated!
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