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In my club, each member is required to fulfill a "work hour" requirement of 40 hours a year. This is used for maintainance, range officer duties, work at the ranges, etc. Miss your hours, and you're gone.
All ranges, Short range rifle, long range rifle, outdoor pistol, indoor pistol and trap, are lock controlled. Except for the indoor pistol, and trap ranges all you do is enter the combination, and then sign in. When you leave, sign out and lock the gate. Indoor Pistol requires that a certified range officer be present. Needless to say, the trap ranges require a trap crew to be there. This way, we have a running record of who was there, and when. Makes it really easy to follow up if any damage should appear. Any observed safety violations means a trip before the Executive Board for a hearing. This is a no tolerance violation. If found guilty of a safety violation, you're gone.
Club is limited by charter to 285 members, and new members must be sponsered by two members who have known him for a minimum of 2 years. One of the sponsers is held accountable for the conduct of the new member for the first year.
Just the way we do it, but it has worked for the 77 years that the club has been in existence.
I don't know if this will help you, but take it for what it's worth.
God Bless America

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