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I am not recommending a .22 mag for self defense. I do believe that it is woefully under estimated as a pistol round. My personal experience says the paper "figures" on the .22 mag is not the whole story. The gentleman in a prior post wrote of shooting through a fence post with his and the failure of a .357 mag. With a .22 mag round from a Ruger Single Six (4 5/8 inch barrel). I've had a similar experience shooting a cast steel sign. A 38 Special +P would only leave a gray spot on it. A .22 mag round would penetrate it easily. Anything is deadly if it will penetrate to the "vitals" of a creature. I've killed large whitetail deer with a .22 mag pistol. A youthful, stupid, illegal act that I would not repeat today. However, at 16 and a farm boy - if it "got up" and stopped long enough for me to get a bead on it I'd probably shoot it. Statistics and paper power equations are not the real world. I like the .22 mag from my real world experience with it.
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