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.223 rem. sierra Matchking 69 gr. HPBT powder suggestions?

looking to try some new loads for my bushmaster match rifle 1:8 twist other than 26 gr. Varget. This load i have had REALLY good results with the 69 gr. HPBT. I also load a lot of hndy 55gr fmj/bt over 25.5 gr. Varget, but i'm running out of powder and might want to try a different powder if i gotta go out and buy some.. i just recieved about 1000 rnds of the 69 gr. hpbt's, so preferably i'm looking for a great powder to try for 300-400 yds. i'm using bha match brass, cci sr primers currently and would prefer to utilize it. Any good combos would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

also, any good data using hornady's 50 gr. V-max would be helpful, as i happen to have a box of those for the groundhogs.
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