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Well, I’m well on my way. Ordered a few “extra’s” from Midway this week, took my Kimber to my gunsmith, and had him check it out. To my surprise, he said there wasn’t anything that needs attention. I did ask about different recoil springs and was told to try some Wolf springs. That was some of the “extra’s” I purchased.
Found out I was shooting way to heavy of loads. Looked up the new data and lowered my H-38 powder from 5.4 to 4.5. I use a 200gr LSWC so lowering that should help with recoil.
I had to buy a LARGER belt though. Funny how the old one shrank once I retired from the Army 12 years ago!!!
I’ve been doing a lot of slow draws, turn draws, reloads, and dry firing. Been working mainly on the correct fundamentals other than speed.
By the time the snow melts around here I should be ready and yes I’m heading into the Limited 10 division. That was where I competed before.
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