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Like I said, if you want to match multiple keywords in a single post, that aren't an exact phrase, you're better of using the forum's search engine.

MySQL fulltext search is theoretically better, but it's also deathly slow. vbulletin's native search is much worse, it doesn't honor quote marks either, and it will only guarantee that some of your search terms show up in each search result.

Ideally we should support matching exact phrases too, like google, but I really cannot take on any more projects right now.

This search engine SHOULD be "matching all words", psyfly. If it isn't, give me an example search and I'll look into it. It won't match an exact phrase (that I need to look into... my plate's already way too full), but it will (should) match all your keywords. I ran a search for "savage .22 hi power" and while it didn't honor the exact phrase matching like google would, all the hits that I skimmed seemed to contain all four words.

Mal, the difference with google is that if you do that search without quotes, it will only guarantee that the four words appear on the same PAGE, not the same POST.

Mike, our search engine isn't that bad, is it? You're going to make me cry.

The other options for vbulletin are mysql's default fulltext (not an option for multiple reasons --namely that it's slow and requires myisam tables--, although it DOES do exact phrase search and proximity ranking), and vbulletin's own abortion of a search engine, which is worse on all counts.
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