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Got ya all beat !

Ok guys gals STEP BACK I'm 5ft 10 just went to dr. weight in at 425 [thatsrite] 425 and yes I walked in and out not in a wheelchair or on a flatbed truck or by a forklift , I carry my Glock 27 in a fobus holster when wearing jeans or just out an about or I'll grab my Taurus ultra lite 38 in a belt slide holster on my right side, if i'm just being a PIG i'll take mt Taurus tcp 380 drop it into my sweat paints pocket,shorts pock/ jacket pocket or WHEREVER i'll tuck it under a BOOB or ARM PIT if that's what it takes to carry !an go on about my day whyl off duty. here in southern ohio.
being a BIG GUY I'v learned how to do things others can do easily by finding my own way .. FULL TIME POLICE OFFICE...
Sgt. S. Spratt
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