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My friend now has the trust. He will present it to the nephew and ask for the item. He did contact ATF and was told to do that. He did not know that the safe had been opened, so it appears that the item is accessible to the nephew who has not been declared executor. As far as we know it is in the house unsecured.

In fact, the nephew likely will not be declared executor. His mother, my buddies sister, died 6 years ago. They found that his other sister, estranged for 27 years, is in a nursing home with Alzheimer disease. Her only son has power of attorney (nephew 2).

The nephew 1 was contacted Friday, the day after my buddies funeral. He stated he would not be available over the weekend as he was going to Michigan. (I wonder if he's taking a load of guns to sell). He also stated that he wasn't giving anything up right now.

The trustee is going to present the paperwork to him and tell him he wants the item. If he doesn't give it up the trustee will call the local PD AND the ATF.

What this guy doesn't understand is that when the cops came after I found my buddy they shot pictures of all the guns that were out. The nephew 1 also says he didn't find my buddies extensive collection of coin and gold bars.

Would you say nephew 1 is dancing with the devil? At the funeral they looked like trailer trash. Who goes to a funeral in blue jeans and a T-shirt?
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