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and no offense, but I wouldn't try shooting any hog I've ever seen with a .22mag, unless it was tied up and 90 percent dead already ... those puppies can take a lot of damage from bigger rounds; I wouldn't go after one with anything less than a .357magnum ...
While I would agree from my limited expierience with the above quote I have been assured by experts in the sport of hog hunting that it is perfect for the task described.

Like the tireless debate over cartridge stopping power, this appears to be another case where shot placement is critical.

Some observations on the upside for the pmr30.

low recoil (for those with sensetivities)
increased power from 22lr (the only option for those listed above)
fast followups with a very deep reserve

Considering the job of a cw carrier is to simply survive an armed confrontation it would seem that the pmr30 is well suited for this.
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