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As much as I love Delmarva, I have seen some very scary unsafe practices there. They do have a truly great sporting clays range, and the people could not be any friendlier, they really make you feel like you are at home. Love the gun room too. But as a former Certified Range Officer I have seen things done by shooters there that made my blood run cold. Having said that, it may be just me in part, I am lucky enough to be able to have my 100 yard range off my back deck and have not used many public ranges in the last twenty years or so except for competition, where we followed the rules of the match very strictly. Maybe I am just being a little paranoid, but still...
Anyway, if you get down to the Vienna, Md. area, go to Delmarva, at least if you like shooting clays, the range is tops in my book. And the Rifle/pistol range is very good too, Just keep your eyes open
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