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Letter from a wife to a husband during WW II

The strangest thing happened last night that left me filled with all kinds of emotions such as confusion, fear, joy, amazement and wonder. I don't know how long I had been asleep but I suddenly awakened and sat straight up to see a bright light shining on your picture which was on my dresser. I could not cry out or get up, all I could do was just stare at this phenomenon and wonder what message it was trying to convey. Did something happen to you? Were you in trouble? Are you all right? The light on your picture slowly dimmed until it was gone and my room was left in total darkness. I lay back on my pillow trying to determine what meaning I could attach to this awesome experience which left me totally drained but mysteriously calm and assured that all was well, permitting me to fall back into a deep sleep for the rest of the night.
The husband is Lt. C. Windsor Miller, commanding a M4A3E8 Sherman (76 mm gun) tank platoon. At the time his wife Gracie was awakened to witness this act of God, Miller was leading his platoon (actually he was ordered to be in the second vehicle) across the bridge at Remagen. The very first tanks to do so after its capture! Miller saw ten more days of combat before being pulled out and sent on R&R in Paris. It was during his R&R and that he received Gracie's letter.

Miller gives talks and his memoirs, A Tanker's View of World War II, is published by Thomas Publications of Gettysburg. ISBN 1-5774--111-3
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