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Not a batman belt, but a GOOD gun belt and ALWAYS pepper spray when I am armed (which is always, when outside the home).

My carry scheme is: gun at 3:30, either IWB or OW; spare mag(s) at 8 o'clock; SureFire E2D-LED at 10 o'clock, pepper spray in my rear left pocket; and a Kershaw folder hooked inside my front left pants pocket.

Lethal on the right, and non-lethal on the left.

I alway carry everything in the same place, so I will know where to grab what under stress.

Because the law and common decency require that I only use as much force as necessary to stop a threat, I see it as my responsibility to have more than one force option available.

So I have four, if you include the blinding light of the SureFire.
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