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If you want a squareback trigger guard, you may find this info helpful.

This below quote is from another site:....

"The square back trigger guards were on the first model (SN 1-1250) and second model (SN 1251-4200) 51 Navies. 1st Model Navies also had the wedge screw under the wedge instead of over it. The small rounded triggerguards were on the Early, Middle and Late 3rd Model Navies, and the large rounded trigger guards were on the Late 3rd Model, and all the fourth Model Navies. The rounded trigger guards were either brass, plated, or blued iron. The London model Navy triggerguards also came in brass, plated or blued iron. The early London Models had brass small rounded triggerguards (SN 1-2000). The London-Londons had blued iron triggerguards (SN 2000 to approx 40000). and the Hartford-Londons had a mix of brass & iron triggerguards (SN approx 40000-43000). And a little additional trivia. The 2nd Generation 1851 Navies all have square back triggerguards, except the 5000 Robert E. Lee comemmoratives. The square backed 2nd Gen Navies start with serial number 4201. Right where Col Colt left off in 1851."

Taylor's and company have the squareback trigger guard 1851 Go to this link and scroll down until you see #006 1st model 1851 that is listed with a squareback trigger guard....

I have seen some squareback trigger guard repro models called "The London model" by some sellers at auction, even though that may not be historically correct.

Cimarron also has the 1851 squareback trigger guard models at this link:...


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