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simonkenton - thanks very much for adding that story! A nice follow-up to what I posted and very interesting! I'm wondering why the article from 1912 didn't mention the murder of "Ted Moore" as well - but, I also suppose that 12 years had passed and whoever wrote the article in 1912 may not have even had any first hand knowledge of the original hanging in 1900 as well. (And whatever resources they used for the article - possibly a "local" - just failed to mention that they were hung for 2 murders). In regards to the comment on the destruction of the scaffold, one has to remember that Arizona became a state in 1912 and was no longer a "Territory". As such, a state constitution was enacted along with other laws which I'm sure covered the execution of prisoners somewhere along the line. "Local justice" now had to conform to "State justice" and this would have covered "open hangings" as well. While today ( a 100 years later) we may view the scaffold as a "historical object" - in 1912 it was a scaffold built approximately 30 years before for the purpose of hanging and esecution - nothing more. With state law taking effect, the scaffold was nothing more than a "piece of county property no longer needed" and what better way to get rid of it and get it out of the courtyard than to cut it up for kindling for use in the county jail stoves?
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