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Cochise County, Arizona

November 16 1900
Phoenix, Ariz., Nov. 16. William and Thomas Halderman were hanged this afternoon in Tombstone jail for the murder of Ted Moore. Both died without the slightest exhibition of fear. Thomas, the younger brother, was the cooler of the two. He lifted the noose and placed it around his neck. "What do you shake that paper that way for, you look scared." he said to the sheriff.

Just before the trap was sprung he said: "Boys, I forgive all my enemies and hope they forgive me. "William, the elder of the two, did no show so much bravery. As his brother repeated the farewell words, he muttered as the noose was placed about his neck: "This rope is choking me. My brother is Innocent." Thomas was pronounced dead in 13 minutes and William in 15 minutes.

On April 15, 1899, the Haldeman brothers shot and killed Constable Frank Ainsworth and Ted Moore, when the latter came to arrest them for shooting cattle. Acting Governor Akers refused a respite and the friends of the Haldemans laid the case before President McKinley. securing a reprieve until October 5. Governor Murphy then gave an extension until November 16.
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