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Here's the Uberti version with spare cylinders:

The hammer with 'firing pin'; note the offset:

The frame design with matching offset to accept the firing pin:

The percussion cylinders with offset nipple installations:

It's difficult for me to see how filing the firing pin will move it over to allow it to correctly strike a centerfire primer on a cartridge aligned with the bore centerline.

It seems to me one would need to remove material in the frame opening towards the center of the frame and add material to the hammer firing pin in the same direction. It just seems that the best one could hope for by simply removing material from the firing pin is that it would then be a rimfire revolver.

Breed's latest post indicates that the modified pin will strike the right side of the primer. I'm just not completely convinced of that but I can see where it might be possible. I'm awaiting pictures; I hope that at least one will be of a fired cartridge showing the strike location.

And no, breed, you don't have anything to prove to me; I made no such assertion. You made an undocumented claim and then disappeared for almost 3 weeks; you shouldn't be surprised that someone would be skeptical as a result. Posting pictures of your modification, as you originally promised to do would be a very positive step, and I hope that you will do so. I'm sure many people, myself included, would like to see how this works.
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