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I carry an NAA Pug .22Mag on dog walks in my quiet little Texas town, but I wouldn't carry it for any other occasion ... .22Mag can certainly kill you, but a .38 or 9mm can be carried in a pretty small, light package and those calibers are more likely to be useful in an SD situation ... I agree that rimfires are more likely to misfire; I have that problem all the time with my 22a .22lr ... but the Pug has never had a misfire, maybe .22mags are better made (they ought to be, they cost enough more than .22lr) ...

and no offense, but I wouldn't try shooting any hog I've ever seen with a .22mag, unless it was tied up and 90 percent dead already ... those puppies can take a lot of damage from bigger rounds; I wouldn't go after one with anything less than a .357magnum ...
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