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Originally Posted by RickB View Post
I have both .32 and .380 versions, and have shot neither very much. The .32 keyholes, but is still accurate, even out to 15-20 yards. I got a replacement screw for the safety from Sam Lisker (, maybe twenty years ago, but you might try Gun Parts/Numrich. I carry the .380 occasionally, and do so hammer down on an empty chamber. I'm a lefty, so couldn't easily get to the thumb safety anyway. I've owned the guns for over twenty years, and my dad owned them prior to that, and as far as I know, neither had been fired in my lifetime. I've been cleaning them annually since a kid, so knew they were in good overall condition. Loading up with factory hardball, each gun got through 30-40 rounds without a hitch. Mags are hard to find. Factory mags are expensive - $50-$100 - and aftermarket mags tend to not work very well.
That shouldnt keyhole unless you have crown damage OR the bore is running a bit large. If the crown is ok, slug the barrel and check the size. I shoot (I believe but have to check) 66 grain cast bullets and they shoot quite well. Mine is a .32
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