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shortwave - I fully agree with you! I'm just a few miles south of Tucson - in fact, was not too far away from the incident location on that Saturday. That night, we had to take my 89 y.o. mother in law to the ER as she was quite ill. The casualities were sent to a number of hospitals in the Tucson area and I talked with several of the nurses that had worked on them in the ER that day. Needless to say, a very, very unfortunate incident which has shocked all of the decent people of Tucson and AZ. The Tucson community has pulled together though in their outpour of prayers and assistance to the victims and their families but the whole thing just sort of leaves you "numb". The following Monday, we had to take my mother in law back to the ER only a different hospital this time amd she ended up being admitted for some emergency surgery. Last week, when we got there to visit her, they were getting ready to have the memorial service for the Border Patrol Officer who was shot and killed to the south of us a number of days ago. It was being held at the baseball stadium next to the hospital and if looking at and seeing all of the uniformed services in attendance, the officers, patrol units, etc. didn't put a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye, then nothing would. A very sad occasion to witness and yet a very fine tribute to a fallen officer who died in the line of duty. My heart and prayers go out to them all. You have to wonder if and when it will all end. So yes . . I'm all for your suggestion . . . in fact, I'll even help build it.
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