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carguychris: you didn't see my post, did you? We now have two sources of 22Mag designed for handgun barrels. If they work, and both are from VERY reputable sources, then more or less all of your complaints should be fixed.
True, I did not check the links before posting, my bad. I'm curious about this too; the loads seem effective on paper, but I wonder if they'll solve the fouling problems.
Where do you find .32 S&W Long for $15? Pray tell...
$13.95 actually. AIM usually has several brands but they must have sold out of everything but Prvi Partizan.

I paid $12.95/50rds locally for Aguila in early 2009 before I sold the last .32 Long revolver I owned. You just need to know where to look. As I mentioned earlier, some gun stores overcharge for the obscure stuff because it sells slowly. OTOH other gun stores charge low prices because they want customers who like old guns to come back.

In my experience, if the odor is cosmoline is strong and there are lots of rusty vintage lever-action, rolling-block, and muzzleloading rifles hung on the walls, the store is more likely to sell it cheap.
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