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Warning Labels...OMG!!.... I am reminded that the older generation is Responsible for the required warning labels on EVRYTHING (thanks guys)... and the younger gerneration was raised with these label ON evertything...:barf::barf:

The old Lyman manual shows quite a bit of testing with the two ball load. Some interesesting in-flight pictures too... these pics show that the balls do deform quite a bit, but still did fairly well at medium range.

I am friends with a Ballistics tech with major powder Co.... He did lots of destruction testing... his basic answer to me was that they were not able to break the muzzleloaders using REAL black powder (yes even 4ffff) and LEAD projectiles.... Testing was more like 240grains of Black and 6 PRBs... They even short started them... (not mid barrel.. but and inch or two off the charge).. With modern Inlines, fancy sabots and powder substitutes... well all bets are off.. (and so might your arm be blown off) if you screw around.
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