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Jmortimer: take another look. Start with the Speer - 100ft/lbs of energy all right, but look at the test barrel: 1.9", and almost 1,200fps.

22Mag from a handgun gains close to 100fps per inch of barrel. Shoot them out of a 4.5" Kel-tec or a 5.5" Ruger Single Six and the performance does indeed start to run into 32H&R territory, fast - 174ft/lbs energy from 1,400fps, and that's *conservative* out of a 4.5" tube. It'll probably do better than that.

And then there's effectiveness. At those speeds, expansion of a quality hollowpoint is virtually certain. So is decent penetration.

22Mag from a serious barrel length (usually a Ruger Single Six) has long been viewed as "damned effective medicine". These loads take that to a whole new level.
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