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There's been several new 22Mag guns introduced of late, including a 10-shooter by Taurus built on the Tracker frame, more J-class guns by S&W and Taurus and of course the Kel-tec 30rd "redneck cheapo clone of the FN 5.7" in 22Magnum . (That latter apparently works pretty good...)

All these new guns have attracted the ammo makers. Up until now ALL 22Mag ammo has been optimized for rifle use, which is why the notorious fireballs. Speer and Hornady are each looking to correct that:

Of the two I think the Speer is more interesting. Speer owns CCI, so these are almost certainly CCI shells and primers...and CCI rimfire ignition is by far, without question the best in the world. Add a good Speer Gold Dot projectile and yeah, we maybe got ourselves a winner.

Seems very likely to me that both these rounds will top 32ACP, 32S&W/Long family and quite possibly 32H&RMag effectiveness. The 327Federal will curb-stomp them of course, but...that's a damned potent round, deep into 9mm and even low-end 357 territory.

The Kel-Tec 30rd monster has real potential as a "granny gun", something for the very recoil shy. Ditto any of the steel-framed revolvers in 22Mag.

And this new ammo might help.
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