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.22 Mag for self-defense concealed carry

Hello. This question is not intended to start the age old "nothing smaller than a .380" or "nothing smaller than a .38 Spec" for self-defense question. What I'm actually wondering is what there is out there for decent .22 Mag concealable handguns these days. It seems like the manufacturers are making new handguns faster than I can keep up with them.

Just so you know, the person this will be for is a smaller female and I have had her try a .38 special (actually a .357 mag loaded with .38 special), a 9mm, and a .380 semi-auto. Of all of those she says the .380 is tolerable but she has arthritis and even the recoil of the .380 seems to be bothersome to her. She keeps asking about a .22 but I just don't feel comfortable recommending a .22LR for self-defense. I might feel better about a .22 Mag as long as it was comfortable for concealment but still had a long enough barrel to be accurate. Needs to have a good trigger too, some of the revolvers come with horrible triggers but a replacement trigger is not out of the question.

Oh - and if Crimson Trace makes sights for it then that's even better.

Gosh, that's not too much to ask for is it?
Thanks everyone.
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