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I own 3 full auto guns and would use one of them as a last resort. If I had no other option I would use my Uzi because it is my least expensive gun and it is easy to maneuver in a confined area, but my go to gun is the Remington 870. I have a 3 inch 1911 C&L that is always within arms reach but the 870 sits near my bed and since it isn't convenient to carry it around in the house so the 1911 is the gun I would use until I can get to the 870. If I can't get to the 870 I keep loaded next to my bed (full tube empty chamber) I am not worried about the 1911 being able to handle most situations. It never entered my mind to worry about being prosecuted because I chose a F/A to defend myself I just believe the 870 is a better choice tactically. I mentioned in another thread that I did not want to risk anything happening to my gun while it was being stored as evidence awaiting trial. But some people disagreed. I worked as a cop and personally saw the poor conditions that guns were stored, and when I had to surrender my guns after I was injured and couldn't do my yearly qualification I loaded them up with oil and preservatives and put them in a plastic baggie because the building once had a leak in the roof and many items were ruined from the water leak.

Regardless of your choice of weapons whether it is a knife, cast iron frying pan or gun it will be held as evidence till the trial an there is always a risk that the evidence storage in your area may not treat your property as well as you would like it. I also pointed out in another thread that some police departments mutilate guns by etching the case number on the gun using an electric etching tool.

As far as the comment about people that have full auto having a lot of money and can afford a lawyer, I bet most owners are like myself and are just getting by with a small amount of savings with most of their money invested in guns and would have to sell off guns if there was a need of money in an emergency.
I am broke, I spent my money on fast cars, guns, reloading equipment and ammo, the rest my money was wasted on nonessential stuff
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