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I`ve been a member of castboolits for a few yrs. now!!!

I contacted Erik at HollowPointMold service & he could vent it but would really hate to start permanently altering true vintage mold ,so I opted not to alter it !!

Mr. beagle is a smart man , he`s a practical solution genius !!!

I beagled to get some venting not enlarge the dia. The tape is only .002 thick & will only add .001 to each side uniformly so the bullet will be "balanced"

I could`nt stand it any longer I heated up the pot to 800f & started ,first 2 were wrinkly but good the rest of the way & I cast 1/4 " from the spout , then started dialin down the heat , stopped at 725f with good bullets all the way thru !!!! with no oxidizing of drive bamds !!!

When the bullets cooled I mic`ed em .359 across the seam & 360 opposite the seam , sized & lubed 25 & will size the others at 48hrs.

I had no issues sizing em to .3585 no issues with lube grooves closing or smearing of drive bands just a good sizing witness mark !!!

The weight of the bullet increased 2.2 grs. , but fit worries me more than weight to a point of course.

I was very happy with the venting also , now I can get a rythum going !!!

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