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It's most likely "sneider", and not "snetder" - so you might want to look more closely at the marking.

I found three references (really four) to the name Sneider.

The first two are to the name Sneider.
They are Charles E. Snieder and Charles W. Sneider.
These relate to Sneider Arms Co, a Baltimore,MD maker in 1890 and later; and another: Clark & Sneider - also a gun maker in Baltimore from 1872 to 1882.
I don't believe the second one is the one you are looking for.

There is one more reference to Sneiders Patent, which says: " 'Clark & Sneider' and 'C.E. & C.W. Sneider' was used by Sneider Arms 1890 and later."

A search of US Patent Office records might deliver additional details.
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