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Black Powder Cartridge Loading Can...

Be Labor Intensive
Cause Filthy Dirty Brass that needs to be washed before it can be tumbled.
Take twice as long as Smokeless reloading.
Be difficult to find supplies for, (BP lubed bullets, powder)
Use more components than Smokeless loading
Not much more labor intensive.

If you take a jug with windex in it and drop the empties in as they're fired you wont need to wash. If you don't you'll get permanently blackened brass.

make your own bullets and lube. Black can be hard to find but you can get it in bulk online or use Pyrodex which is pretty easy to find.

Other than a drop tube which I don't see as a necessity I don't see the need for extra reloading components. Cases, bullets, lube, primers and powder. Same as smokeless.
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