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I'm a Police Officer by trade. I have a lifetime of government service and if I were to take your alleged sight and claim that it were stolen that would be theft and I could loose my job or at least be investigated by internal affairs.

Again, were I in your position I would have kept the tracking number and insured the package. It would have cost you about one dollar. That way if something goes wrong you can refund the seller their money and reclaim yours. Easy enough! Seriously man, just keep the money, it's really not worth my trouble.

FYI querry your screen name and you'll see you have a lot of negative feedback back to 2008. Mainly from backing out of deals etc... It really speaks to your credability. If you make a deal on here you have to honor it. I lost money on a Springfield 1911 I sent to WI. It cost me about $79.00 to send but I made the deal and stuck to my word. Nextime say buyer pays shipping!

I'd like to think that you just didn't flat out take the cash and lean towards the explanation that you may just be a very unreliable or informal person. Like I said man the classy thing to do is a full refund because you dropped the ball. Again, that's what I or most other guys here would do. So seriously, if your offering up half because you feel I bear some responsability then just keep it! You really might need it more than I do. I really don't need the cash, it's really just on principle. It's obvious to me you don't get the point. Good luck!

Originally Posted by gunner79
look I sent out the sight. If your talking about the negitve feedback I got for the colt I had for sale, you have no idea what happened.
The guy wanted the pistol, made an offer, he wanted me to pay shipping. At first I said ok, but after seeing shipping would cost me $65. I declined his offer. NO money was exchanged.

Your not the only one out here. I dont rip people off. I have sold lots on this site. and on ebay. As far as I know you got the sight.
Like I said Ill refund half your money.
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